T Polyphilus (paradoxosalpha) wrote,
T Polyphilus

a sacristy prayer

Thou highest and only One, in Thy Holy Name Mystery of Mystery: be mighty within me, a man among men: a magician whose art and craft are but glamour; strengthen the servant priest by whose hand and tongue the sacrifices are made: grant O Lord the manifestation of my will, which is Thine: vouchsafe the hiding of Thy love, which is mine, for the knowledge of me is the knowledge of death. May I be devoured by the light and eaten up with blindness: O Lord, the desires and energies of our flesh record Thy memory, reflect Thine understanding, and execute Thy will. Yea, though we perceive not the heaven through which we move, Thy Prophet has given us a Law by which our righteousness may be esteemed. O Holy Child, accept my adoration. O Thou whose will is light, life, love, and liberty: grant majesty and might unto us whom Thou hast established in the spirit, so that by virtue we may redeem the earth, as Thy perfect Kingdom throughout the Aeon. AUMGN.

(inspired by aversion to the prayer of St. Ambrose)
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